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April 14, 2012
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TERA Elion Kubel XNALara by SumireHaikuXNA TERA Elion Kubel XNALara by SumireHaikuXNA
Model: Elion Kubel with and without hoodie
Game: TERA Online

All rights reserved to Bluehole Studio!

UPDATE: Lightmaps added and armor improved. The version without hood is included.


No copyright infringement intended! I'm not redistributing these models for money nor anything. This is just for fun. Please always credit all the companies behind the models!

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Love him! And Sephi!Love 
I love him. End of story <3
LactoseDevil Dec 30, 2013  Student Photographer
Sexy motherfucker... no really, I got such crush on him DAMN IT :drool:
Elleon reminds me of Sephiroth from Final fantasy so much! Both being perfect soldiers, not to mention they share similar qualities. *huge ass sword, silver-ish hair*
SumireHaikuXNA Nov 13, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Now that you mention it, you are right! :D
I'd like to see them in battle, Elleon and his dual-claymore and Sephiroth's Masamune, now that'd be a battle of the ages!
Elion is a Legend, a true badass warrior xD
oh gosh - speaking of Tera - i love to watch when my sis is playing :3!
Really - you can have scenes with your character - when you talk to him - amazing.
More about TERA - enemies are simply cool loking. My favs are some noobies - some of them - or normal animals : bunnies :3, cats, dogs, chickens XD! (speaking of those - there are chickens with scythes - and im not kidding here XD - these are small but still enemies XDDD). Cool looking are hmm : mercenary naga, basilisk - fire basilisk or juggerrnut, kuma - those are big ... Demon - males and females - or some dark, bloody lord and maiden. And probably theres gonna be more.
Mounts are just - well, fantastic - some fire horses, ice or thunder, you can ride lions and puma - or other - but these wery special or for money :/ - shame. Good thing when youre on guild your horse got cool armor :). You can fly on pegasus - in one moment you must fight with evil fairies and UNICORNS. Of course - good are there too :3 - but pegasus fly ... oh gosh - o0 those views O>o!!!! Even if you ride pegasus just to get in some far places .... its cool. Speaking about places - great ... Poporia ( i think its right name ^^') got wonderful forest - later of course XD! On first visit - its a nightmare dark place with some mutants and zombies XD! Music - for my ears its a honey - like from cool fairy rpg :3. Really guys - if Sumire is gona put models - im gonna be wery happy ^^! Places - there is more - are wery nice - i like them :).
SumireHaikuXNA May 13, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Yeah, there are many enemies :) some of them look cool. However I am more interested in player characters and npcs right now. The enviroments are mostly impossible because UE meshes come all into the same place and you have to manually place them. I did that with the safe house from DmC and maybe I will with other enviroments because I can play the game and use it as reference. I don't play TERA, only have the files.
I wanted to get the lion and unicorns and such sound nice as well... but I don't have them. They are part of some kind of bonus/special pack and I can't find them.
Yeah - specials are for money - but not pegasus - you can fly them for few min. Oh NPC o0 This sounds cool too ^^!
Yeah - you told me you dont play - oh gowd X3 - i decided to not play - but i feed my eyes when my sis is playing XD!
Oh well - maybe someoday youre will want put some cool enemies :3 - these are worth of it ^^. Im gonna wait :3 ! Im one of your sympatizers lol XD!
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