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June 30, 2012
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Mass Effect 3 James shirtless XNALara by SumireHaikuXNA Mass Effect 3 James shirtless XNALara by SumireHaikuXNA
Model: James Vega shirtless version
Game: Mass Effect 3

I know, I'm obsessed.. but I HAD to convert this model, sorry but he deserved this XD
I mean, look at those muscles! lol
Also, I think it's a shame you can't romance him :( same for Joker, me so sad.

All rights reserved to Bioware and Electronic Arts

UPDATE: I tried to fix his eyes since they were terribly bugged (how come anybody ever told me that? >_>). I fixed them in Blender so now they are better, BUT keep in mind that you will still need the "move" option in order to properly fix them. Also, there's still a little weights problem in his left eye.. issue that appears completely fixed in Blender, but magically appears again in XNALara. I tested the model before the conversion and it seems it extracted just like that.
After 2 hours spent over him last night I think I'm done.

But please, guys.. this is not the first time I find bugs in a conversion of mine. If you notice that something is wrong, just leave a comment here. Thanks.


No copyright infringement intended! I'm not redistributing these models for money nor anything. This is just for fun, I respect companies who work on every game. Please always credit the companies behind the models!

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sexy~!!!!!! Thanks for this!!!! :D ....and..
Is not there "vega casual mod"..?
SumireHaikuXNA May 23, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I think there is a normal default version for James somewhere :) don't know where though
thank you for answer! :D
FrozenHarlequin Aug 19, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks so much for all these ME models :)! Will you please also do Cortez? I've looked all over the internet and nobody seems to have converted him for XNALara yet.
SumireHaikuXNA Aug 19, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Sadly Cortez is pretty impossible to port, since he doesn't have his own facemorph but just a common morphed one :(
ahahah..ho letto la descrizione.. :)
ieri ho dato un occhiata a qualche video ma mi pare di aver capito che qui sono tutti gay e lesbiche nel gioco.. in tutti e 3 i capitoli.. -_-
SumireHaikuXNA Aug 9, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Non č assolutamente vero O_o se ti basi sui commenti da troll dei youtubers allora non ti puoi fidare di nessun videogioco XD senza contare che molti video sono stati fatti con i "mods", ovvero con gli swapts dei personaggi in modo da creare coppie originariamente inesistenti. E' vero che ci sono dei personaggi con tendenze bisex e/o gay/lesbiche, ma con il tuo Shepard puoi avere una sana e comunissima storia eterosessuale :D
Il bello di questa saga, secondo me, č proprio la naturalezza in questo tipo di argomenti.. sia la sessualitā che il linguaggio sono molto realistici. E stai pur tranquillo che la trama principale del gioco va ben oltre l'esser lesbica o gay ;)
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